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What is Facing Love?

Facing Love is a community initiative & podcast started by Nuné Tunjikian and Jordanka Waiyaki with the intention of opening up conversations about the lessons & importance of difficult emotional states, how to navigate through them with more awareness & compassion, and to bridge the gap created by separation.

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Nuné Tunjikian

Growing up to immigrant parents who struggled to fulfil their basic survival needs, emotional and mental health was never discussed and given any proper care towards. Having experienced this disconnect as a child it sparked an intense need within me to be seen and accepted by other fellow humans and to connect with them on deeper levels. My existence is an ongoing research and process of doing so, and an endless attempt to broaden this connection on a bigger scale, leading to the creation of a community where the core values are those of Acceptance, Appreciation, Allowing, Affection and Attention.
I invite you to join this journey with me.

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Jordanka Waiyaki

My life revolves around the unraveling of the Self. It’s a challenging process and there are no days off. But as challenging as it is, the journey is riddled with magic and intrigue. After experiencing a profound period of my life gripped by  depression and anxiety, I awoke to the fact that I had been conditioned to limit myself all my life. The most effective cure for this self- limitation was by having open and vulnerable conversations with others about our personal experiences as well as creating spaces that overflow with unconditional love and presence. My goal now is to created spaces within myself and my environment that encourage softness and comfort.

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“The greatest tragedy of human existence is the illusion of separateness.” -Albert Einstein

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Intention, Vision & Commitment
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Feel called to support us? 

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